Tianjin ruitong as the only musical instrument sponsors "common plays the Olympic theme song"
2012/5/15 13:46:46

        By the Beijing tourism administration and the dongcheng district people's government of the 2007 Beijing wangfujing international youth "common plays the Olympic theme song" is the fifth in the Beijing Olympic cultural festival the only to teenagers as the main body of the international cultural exchange program, this is the third time to organize. This activity were from 15 countries and regions and a band of more than 2000 teenagers to become an international interest wind teenagers a big party. Tianjin ruitong Musical instrument co., LTD., as the event only instrument sponsor support this event.

        After the activity, the reporter interviewed the activity as the only musical instrument sponsors, tianjin tianjin treasure instrument co., LTD., general manager LiuYunBin said: "the event organisers hope can get tianjin treasure company instrument support, tianjin treasure company as a private instrument company, in recent years has made rapid development, especially in the domestic and foreign expert guidance and improve the quality of the instruments, and tone had relatively substantially improve, more and more high international reputation.
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